Complete skin care routine

Simple, effective, all gender.

Dermatologists + Biotechnologists

Metodo R is much more than a few products, it is a complete routine that seeks to nurture the skin in a simple, effective, sustainable way and for all genders.

the idea was conceived in the dermatologist's office, in response to a real need of patients who were looking for honest products, with the right concentrations of active ingredients and fewer adverse effects.

Simple and with a soft and pleasant texture and perfume to ensure consistency in compliance.

Created by Spanish dermatologists and biotechnologists focused on skin health. We only use cosmetic actives of proven efficacy and drug-delivery nanotechnology that enhance efficacy and minimize adverse effects.

Our products are for everyone, because the skin does not differ  gender. We have worked to have a neutral perfume that smells clean and enhances your well being experience.

Our dream is to achieve the healthiest version of your skin. hBecause for us, beauty is a healthy skin.

We know that consistency in any routine is essential and Metodo R makes it simple to follow. It is arranged in three steps, three colors and two symbols:


Two gray-colored products:

1. Cleansing Oil based on 50% olive oil enriched with the highly hydrating R3 complex to get rid of all those particles that accumulate on our skin during the day and at night.

2. The physical exfoliator used twice a week will help to get rid of dead layers of skin to achieve a smooth, bright skin.

The perfect combination of products. Once you try them, you won't be able to live without it.


White & straight forward.

In the world of antioxidants, vitamin C is the king. Our serum will protect you from oxidative stress every morning while hydrating and unifying the tone and brightening the skin. A basic and very necessary asset in any routine.

For complete protection, please use your favorite sunscreen after our Antiox Serum.


Lights off! Put your skin to rest.

Most cell regeneration occurs at night, while we sleep. That is the moment when our Hydration gel-cream and Comfort cream come into action, improving the texture of our skin and fighting the dreaded expression lines.

You can choose between one of our two textures of our night cream, both with high concentration of liposomal retinyl that can be used nightly.  

A all-in-one product for improving the quality of your skin, accelerating skin cell turnover and preventing premature aging signs.

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